Wound Management Initiative

Leading Better Value Care - Wound Management Project

With the aim of refocussing the delivery of health care in NSW from a volume based to a value based system, the Leading Better Value Care (LBVC) program supports change through improving patient outcomes, improving the experience of both receiving and providing care, and through the provision of more effective and efficient care.

In 2017/18, Chronic Wound management was identified as a Tranche 2 LBVC programme following submissions by a number of LHDs. It was felt that wound management represented a growing and increasingly complex cohort of patients, and this programme could provide a platform to improve treatment and outcomes.

A high-level data analysis across the state was then able to confirm that spending on wound management was significant and increasing, with little to no data supporting any improvement in outcomes. Following this, a process of high level consultation led to the  development of 7 Standards for wound management (www.eih.health.nsw.gov.au/lbvc/projects/chronic-wound-care) and it is expected LHDs will use these to develop and improve their wound management services.

In July 2020, NNSW LHD began its LBVC chronic wound management project with the appointment of a Wound Management Project Lead. In September 2020, a Chronic Wound Management working group was established and in November, the wound Management Steering Committee reconvened.

The LHD Wound Management project has begun with a process of widespread consultation including face to face interviews, process mapping workshops, stakeholder meetings and patient interviews to better understand and document the issues in our local area – this process is ongoing so please get in touch if you feel a service or individual should be included in this process.

The project has also been able to build on the comprehensive work done by Nursing and Midwifery in 2018 when it identified significant issues with the number of wound products in use, lack of clinician understanding about product selection, and widespread misuse and wastage. This work fits nicely with Standard 7 – Products and equipment, and the Working Group is currently focussing on the implementation of a standardised wound product list and further developing the role of the Wound Resource Nurses across sites and services.


If you would like further information about this project or the wound management standards please contact Laura Mattocks (LBVC Chronic Wound management project Lead.