Project Information

Below you’ll find key project information.

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The project is backed by NSW Health’s eHealth department and has dedicated project teams at the LHD, eHealth, North Coast Primary Health Network.

The Orion project scope includes:

  • Adult patients with chronic and complex care needs, including mental health, who reside in NSW;
  • GPs in the Richmond and Tweed areas who participated in the Integrated Care Collaborative (GPs were invited via an EOI process);
  • Will NNSW LHD staff and private allied health and private specialists that the participating GPs nominate to be involved (private providers can be in QLD);
  • Operation as a 12 month trial, after which the system will be continued, or discontinued.

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The project is funded for a 12 month period of operation.

An evaluation will be completed before the expiry of the 12 months, along with a recommendation to either continue the platform, or cease its operation.

In the event of a shutdown, the system will remain in a read-only state, so that no data is lost.

The project is backed by NSW Health's eHealth department and has dedicated project teams at the LHD, eHealth, North Coast Primary Health Network (NCPHN).

The project has 3 levels of governance: Project Steering Committee (Project Board), Implementation Group, Project Management. Key Stakeholder Groups (KSGs) representing clinicians and other stakeholders, are consulted at all stages of the design and implementation.

Key project dates for end users are:

  • 18/12/11: GPs invite Private Service Providers (PSPs) by mid-November.
  • 23/11/16: Project team invites PSPs to confirm participation and nominate clinicians.
  • 9/12/16: PSP nominations close and information submission closes.
  • 9/12/16: Training scheduling commences into the New Year.
  • Mid Jan '17: Training commences.
  • Early-mid Feb '17: Rolling go-lives commence.

The features and benefits of the Orion Shared Care Tool are myriad. Visit this page for more.