Patient Centred Care (Person Centred Care)

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Patient centred care, also known as person centred care involves patients, their carers and families in sharing health information and decision making about their ongoing health care.
Involving the person living with the condition/s, carers and families allows clinicians to gather a better picture of the patient’s overal health needs and goals. This facilitates effective planning and delivery of care plans.
Patient centred care provides care that reflects the patient’s preferences and values and the involvement of the patient and others ensures continuity of care, promotes dignity and respect for the patient.

How is NNSW Integrated Care Promoting Patient Centred Care?


In 2016, Northern NSW Integrated Care provided free training opportunities to Local Health District Clinicians and Clinical staff from private practice to participate in HealthChange® Australia core training. The HealthChange® Australia methodology is a health service delivery methodology that enables health service providers to embed person-centred care into clinical consultations, care planning, discharge planning, disease management, health promotion, rehabilitation, return to work and other health services.

Patient Centred Medical Home

Click here to read more about the North Coast Primary Health Netowork's Patient Centred Medical Home, a model of care which puts the patient at the centre of their care, helping to ensure each patient has the care team they need. This in turn then provides ongoing, holistic care from various linked up health professionals including the GP, allied health, specialists and community health services. Internationally this model of care has demonstrated effectiveness and efficiencies in improving health outcomes for patients.