Workshops: Best Practice End of Life Care

In Collaboration with the North Coast Primary Health Network (NCPHN) Ballina Byron Clinical Society, the End of Life Care Project is presenting this forum. The forum consists of interactive workshops which will provide opportunities for networking and sharing of ideas with the common goal of providing high quality end of life care in Northern NSW.

The workshops are being facilitated by experts;  Dr Hilton Koppe; Dr Marion Tait; NP Helen Adams; Dr Ken Marr; Dr Peter Silberberg; Jessica Pinkerton; and Carolyn Hunt (solicitor).

Attendees can Participate in 2 of the following 5 workshops on offer:

Registration is via the Eventbrite link below or via the NCPHN site and places are limited. You will need to nominate 2 preferred workshops with your registration.

As a result of attending this event, participants will; 

  • be able to effectively guide their patients through completing an Advance Care Plan.
  • have an increased understanding of Capacity, Person Responsible, Guardianship and Wills.
  • be able to access appropriate resources to manage symptoms related to end of life care.
  • be knowledgeable about what to do when someone dies at home