Current Specialist List for eReferrals

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eReferrals Trial

About the project

The NNSW LHD eReferrals project is a trial of eReferrals between a small group of GPs and the Lismore Base Hospital Specialty Outpatient Clinic and Lismore Pain Clinic. It replaces faxed referrals for these GPs. Access will be provided to more GPs as early in the initial trial as possible, as benefits are established.

It also allows the LHD clinics to electronically update GPs at key points of the referral handling process, for example, when the referral is being triaged, or the patient appointment is made. Messages are sent to GPs securely.

A solution from HealthLink is used end-to-end.

For GPs, HealthLink SmartForms is used to send the eReferral. HealthLink's SmartForms solution is used for Roads and Maritime Fitness to Drive Certificates, MyAgedCare referrals and more. It is free for GPs to use.

The LHD is using HealthLink's Referral Management System RMSLite as a starting point in electronic Referral Management.

Project Funders

The project is seed funded by eHealth NSW with resourcing supplied by the LHD.

Evaluation and expansion

The project will be evaluated to determine if expansion to other clinics is viable, and on what basis.

Privacy, Security and Assurance

The project has conducted a Privacy Impact Assessment and has passed eHealth NSW's Privacy, Security and Assurance Framework (PSAF) process to ensure patient information is secured and protected via appropriate data and access control.

Help Pages

eReferrals GP Help Page

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